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The first story, to be continued by its readers’ writing

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Igi Araba is an unfinished story, anyone who has enough fantasy and who enjoys writing, can continue writing a sequel, and the end.

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Igi Araba is always looking for designers, multi-media producers, and translators, who would like to develop the portal. Join in!

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Igi ArabaThe book

Igi Araba is being translated in several languages. Part I "The dream begins " as well as the sequel, will be published and sold in your local bookstore, as well as on this Website.

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If you would like to apply to become a member of the jury, responsible for selecting the best Igi Araba sequel, join now!

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Sequels written by adult and young IGI ARABA- Authors

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The newest continuations

Titel: Der Traum lebt

The author: Wilfried Beschorner | Language: German | Age: 43



Titel: Igi Araba und das Geheimnis des Lebens

The author: Lotte Maria Kaml | Language: German | Age: 54



Titel: Das Geheimnis des Briefes

The author: Isabella Rauter | Language: German | Age: 12



Titel: Der Heiratsantrag

The author: Dörte Müller | Language: German | Age: 43 Jahre



Titel: Felicidades

The author: Jasmin Petra Wenzel | Language: Spanish | Age: 28



Titel: Everything good returns

The author: Jasmin Petra Wenzel | Language: English | Age: 28



Titel: Alles Gute kehrt zurück

The author: Jasmin Petra Wenzel | Language: German | Age: 28



Titel: Nur eine Kommode?

The author: Ruben Franz | Language: German | Age: 16



Titel: Ein neues Leben

The author: Anna Wahlbrink | Language: German | Age: 18



Titel: Igi Arabas Rückkehr

The author: Jay Kill | Language: German | Age: 8













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